The Stone Giants

'Not Afraid Of Heights' is the 5th album by the Stone Giants. Recorded at Redlight Records, 'NAOH' features 3 lead vocalists/songwriters on their A game - Kortney Leatherwood, Ken Becker, and Jordan Egler. With vibes that range from 'Beatlesque', and '70's Eagles style pop', to 'Creepy Cool  Rock' The Stone Giants deliver an album of top shelf material NPA is honored to have worked with.


These superb performances required tightly executed, engaging  mixes to meet their standard. The songs are full of melodic lead vocals and big harmony vocal sounds, swirling guitars, and tight drums/bass grooves from start to finish. The mixes/masters of 'Not Afraid Of Heights' are a great example of the New Paradigm Audio sound.

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