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The Stone Giants

"If you are looking to take your music's sound  quality to 11, New Paradigm Audio delivers.  Shep gave our 'Not Afraid Of Heights' cd serious sonic power. He provided us with all the creativity, tireless effort over details, and support we could hope for - and every artist can expect to receive from NPA." 


Ken Becker, The Stone Giants

"Shep is nitpicky and so am I.  He nitpicked the hell out of the project until both our persnickety particulars were satisfied. 


Hiring Shep to mix and master your project is like bringing a one man team of professionals to the collaboration.  You have this one-half audio scientist and acoustician, and  one-half interpreter/counselor on the other. 


When you mix a record, you receive input from the band. You get comments like, "can you make the floor tom less tubby?" and "the guitar should sound like a well-marbled steak" and "will you make the vocals more urgent?" Shep interprets that terminology and turns it into the desired result. If you want your tracks to sound confident with scorch marks on one side, Shep can do it.  

Bottom line: You get a 'big city' result from a 'small town with charm' price.  Thanks much, New Paradigm Audio!


Jordan Egler, 

Producer - The Stone Giants

Kerri Grant

High quality equipment is used at NPA. Shep has a great ear, and knew exactly how to get the best out of my music and voice. Comfortability coupled with fluid communication made working at NPA a top notch creative experience. I look forward to working with him again!


Kerri Grant

Dan Shaffer
I am so very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with John Shepherd at NPA. Shep spent his life honing his musical talent to become a true professional. Using his vast technical knowledge along with state of the art equipment, he captures and produces a smooth and crisp sound. I hope to continue our friendship for all the years to come, and continue to bring my music to life at NPA.
Dan Shaffer
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