All NPA studio rates are flexible, especially for longer bookings.
Mixes vividly representing artists pursuing professional goals is a staple of NPA's work. 
Helping musicians  achieve the vision of their music is a passion at NPA .


Quotes Include Engineer

Slate VMS 1 mic Focal Spirit Pro Headphones at New Paradigm Audio

Shep captures  your sounds with great gear


Quotes Based Per Song 

Shep mixing on Slate Raven MTi2

Mixes delivered to your satisfaction



Singers/songwriters can develop their songs to any degree desired using NPA's writing/arranging/performance pro

Shep recording lead guitar track at New Paradigm Audio

Shep is a strong  multi instrumentalist.  Guitar, bass, keys, strings, horns. Heck,  a solo tuba - if that's your thing ...