Britney Long
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Britney Long is an up and coming country singer/songwriter who crafts tunes with a strong dose of memorable melody, coupled with the taste of modern and classic country sounds.  She's molded from her influences and experience, yet a moldable artist because she's eager to grow and experiment in her craft. Britney brings out the ideas in her head concisely, while being a quick study of creative styles - she adapts her songs to new ideas easily.

Britney brought Backroad to NPA as her first song to produce. She and Shep collaborated on the arrangement and some lyrical content. Britney sings with very good tone, a little twang in her voice, and exciting power in her upper register.


Backroad features both acoustic and electric guitars, drums, bass, keys, and a heated up country guitar solo - all performed by Shep. All recorded, mixed, and mastered at NPA. Judging by the high bar of Backroad, I'm certain Britney's material will continue to please as she puts pen to paper.

Backroad Britney Long
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Larry Watson
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Larry Watson has a seasoned, attention-grabbing voice filled with tone, range, power and wide style coverage. Yet to Larry, he's a country singer. Yes, indeed he is, and a darn good one at that. While being more than capable of belting out rock or a sweet ballad, Larry's heart and vocal passion lies in country. 


For his maiden voyage at NPA, Larry needed to put together a hybrid of 2 songs (Crazy Beautiful and I Melt) for his daughter's wedding. The simplicity of two acoustic guitars and his voice is a surprisingly full sound. An evening was all it took to bring this project to fruition. New Paradigm looks forward to hearing more from Larry's quality voice and style!

Beautiful Crazy I MeltLarry Watson
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Dan Shaffer
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New Paradigm is very proud to open the doors for Dan Shaffer's return to the studio - with 2 new songs! Markedly different texturally and sonically, "Choices" and "Wealthy Man" both have Dan's signature lyrical simplicity, yet pointedness. Dan's silky vocal texture is the staple that brings his Christian tunes alive.

"Choices" is a ballad that brings the listener to self analyze - much as it seems it's writer may well have been doing. Dan opened this song to Shep's interpretation. He requested to "Add whatever you think it needs" . So, strings was first on the list to bring emotion and dynamics. Then, adding rhythmic elements, some keys, and sparse harmony vocals filled the song out nicely. NPA is thrilled with the strength of this song, and that Dan is well satisfied with the final product.

"Wealthy Man" is singularly self contemplating, lyrically speaking. Musically, it started as a ballad, but called for a quicker tempo and some edge. The change made the song more open to  dynamic guitars, bluesy/rock fills, backing vocals and mix impact. "Wealthy Man" is a perfect complement and stylistic fit to "Choices".

Congratulations, Dan, these songs are fabulous!


ChoicesDan Shaffer
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Wealthy ManDan Shaffer
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