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Dan Shaffer
Dan Shaffer NPA Studio Picture

Christian Singer/songwriter Dan Shaffer has a stable of songs he's bringing to NPA to develop, and 90 Little Acres is a great debut of his unique style of song craftsmanship. Featuring Dan on lead vocals and acoustic guitar, he writes from a 'lifelong point of view' about a church campground he's known and loved (and served) since childhood - and shared it's impact with his kids and grandkids. 90 Little Acres brings images of youthful excitement for upcoming summer camp, and what it is to be part of a community he loves there. 

Dan brings a very smooth sound vocally and in his approach on acoustic guitar. The recording process was effortless, as was Dan's fine performance of this catchy, well crafted song. It's tailor made for the generations of children he cares greatly for at Brush Creek - aka '90 Little Acres'. 

New Paradigm Audio is proud and prepared to be part of developing and producing Dan Shaffer and his fine collection of songs!

90 Little AcresDan Shaffer
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